Indian Autumn

Artwork ©Alehandra Vanhek

In order to use her art you must purchase a license and her tubes at

This is a CT tutorial for


I used a Scrapkit of Hania , called Indian Autumn


Supplies: HERE

Font: Indiana and Segoe Script

Filter: Eye Candy / PerspectiveShadow 

Xero / Porcelain

The example was made with PSP X and Jasc Animation Shop


I am not going to explane how to copy and paste, be creative or look at my tag for placement 😉

1.) Open a new raster layer 900x900 and fill with white

2.) Copy and paste a paper of your choice and apply the mask

3.) Copy and paste the grass

4.) Copy and paste the frame and fill to your liking

5.) I added a texture

6.) After placing the dream catcher you need to seperate the feathers from the rest / Lasso Tool

7.) Promote Seletion to layer / go back to original layer and "delete" on your keyboard / select none

8.) Add the element you want to your tag /add drop shadow

9.) For my text I used Indian font / duplicated the word / on the top one I added drop shadow / on the bottom one / Distortion Effects / Wind

10.) Effect / Edge Effects / Enhance and set layer to "Difference"

11.) Add the artist copyright and your license

12.) Merge everything below this layer

13.) And you can merge all layers that are on top that one

14.) Small tip to help you for placement of the feathers for later / highlight that feather layer / lasso tool

15.)  Promote selection to layer / select none and merge that new layer with your background layer



1.) Copy and paste your feather layer to AS

2.) Effect / Insert Image Effects / Underwater

3.) Delete first frame

4.) Back to your PSP / copy and paste your background to AS / duplicate till you have 11 frames

5.) Highlight your feather frames / edit / select all / copy

6.) Highlight your background frames / edit / select all and paste into current frame

7.) Back to your PSP / copy and paste your top merged layers to AS

8.)  Duplicate till you have 11 frames / edit / select all / copy

9.) Highlight your background frames and paste into current frame

10.) View animation and save as....gif 😉


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