Artwork ©Trinita 

In order to use her art you must purchase a license and her tubes at

This is a CT tutorial for 

The tube I used is an "Exclusive" Tube, more information you will find here:

 Supplies: Doodle here 

Font used: KingsQuest 

 Filters: Filter Factory C / Interference 

Tramage / Tow the Line 

 The example was made with PSP X


1.) Open a new raster layer 800x300 pixel 

2.) Floodfill with a gradient of your choice (linear / angle 45 / repeats 4) 

3.) Add a new raster layer / Effects / Filter Factory C / Interference

4.) Set the blend mode of this layer to Soft Light 

5.) Copy and paste my doodle as often as you wish / set the doodle layer(s) to Soft Light too 

6.) Copy and paste your tube / move it to the right / duplicate / close out for the moment the duplicated one 

7.) Highlight your original tube layer / adjust / blur / gaussian blur 20 

8.) Effects / Tramages / Tow the Line

9.) Set the blend mode to Burn 

10.) Rectangle Tool / foreground none / background gradient metal steel or whatever you prefer and fits your tag

The size is up to you!

11.) Effects / Distortion Effects / Curlicues (the effect depends on how big you have made your rectangle, play arround with those settings)

12.) Add a drop shadow 

13.) Elipse Tool / foreground gradient (or a color of your choice) / background none / Line width 2 or 3

 14.) Draw on top of the circles you are viewing on the background / convert to raster layer

15.) Merge those rings / duplicate and place them over the other circles on the right side

16.) Add a small bevel and drop shadow 

17.) Elipse Tool / foreground none / background color or gradient of your choice for the pearls/ draw a small circle 

18.) Effects / 3 D Effects/ Inner Bevel

19.) Add a drop shadow / duplicate and place as much as you want on the circles 

20.) Highlight your top tube layer and add a drop shadow

21.)  Add your name (blank tags are not allowed)  and the artists copyright / url and your license number

If you use tubes from PicsForDesign you will find the copyright always on the tube page

22.) Add a border of your choice



1.) Merge all doodle layers / DSB Flux / Bright Noise

2.) Edit / Copy merged and paste as new animation to AS (Animation Shop)

3.) Back to PSP / undo last command and add again Bright Noise, but click once in the checkmark of "Mix"

4.) Edit / Copy merged and paste after current frame to AS

5.) Repeat step 3 and 4 

6.) View Animation and save as ....gif 😘


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