Winter Dreams

Artwork ©Misticheskaya

In order to use her art you must purchase a license and her tubes at

This is a CT tutorial for

The tube I used is an "Exclusive" Tube, more information you will find here:


I used "Good Night", kit from Bella Caribeña


My Supplies: HERE

Font : Ink Free and Snacky Shack

Filters: Eye Candy / Drop Shadow
DSB Flux / Bright Noise

The example was made with PSP X  and Jasc Animation Shop


I am not going to explane how to copy and paste, be creative or look at my tag for placement 😉

1.) Open a new raster layer 900x900 and fill with white

2.) Copy and paste a paper of your choice and apply the mask

3.) Create your tag by adding the elements and tube of your choice

4.) Once you are done, highlight your round frame

5.) Ellipse Tool

6.) Draw a circle arround your frame

7.) Text tool /foreground none / background color of your choice / when the mouse pointer has changed to an "A" with an arc line underneath, click the left mouse button and type your text

8.) When you are done with your text / click on that "+"

9.) Hide this layer by clicking in the eye

10.) Convert the vector layer to raster layer

11.) Add a small drop shadow

12.) Add your name (on mine I used 3D effects / Inner bevel)

13.) Add the artist copyright and your license



1.) Highlight your round text layer

2.) DSB Flux / Bright Noise

3.) Edit / Copy Merged and paste as new animation to Animation Shop (AS)

4.) Back to your PSP / undo last step

5.) DSB Flux / Bright Noise / but this time click in "MIX"

6.) Highlight your element with the moon

7.) Image / Free Rotate

8.) Edit / Copy merged and paste after current frame in AS

9.) Repeat step 4.-8.  but change the free rotate to 20 / the last time to 30

10.) In AS / select all / copy and paste as new animation 

11.) Edit / select all / reverse frames / select all / copy

12.) Highlight your original frames and click on last frame / paste after current frame

13.) Select all and set frame properties to 35

14.) View animation and save as ....gif 😉


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