Artwork ©Attila

In order to use her art you must purchase a license and her tubes at

This is a CT tutorial for


I used a Scrapkit of Bella Caribeña , called Mexico


Supplies: HERE

Filter: Eye Candy / PerspectiveShadow / Gradient Glow
Alien Skin Xenofex 2 / Flag
Xero / Porcelain

The example was made with PSP X and Jasc Animation Shop


I am not going to explane how to copy and paste, be creative or look at my tag for placement 😉

1.) Open a new raster layer 900x900 / for my background I used BC-Mexico_PP (1) and 
BC-Mexico_El (53)/ apply Becky_Mask on both

2.) Copy and paste MexicoBG as new layer / Effects / Edge Effects / Enhance 2x

3.) Set layer to Luminance / Opacity 60

4.) Duplicate your BC-Mexico_El (53) layer and move it on top of your "luminance" layer

5.) Duplicate this layer again / merge down

6.) Open the wood frame and paste as new layer / for placement look at my tag

7.) I added the round frame to the supplies, but maybe you want to make your own flag

8.) Open a new canvas and draw your flag

9.) Effects / Alien Skin Xenofex 2 / Flag

10.) Get your text on the frame / Ellipse Tool / background none / foreground black

11.) Text Tool / on my tag I made each letter in a different color

12.) Now hide the Ellipse layer and convert to raster layer

13.) Add drop shadow

14.) Now start adding the elements and the tube and add drop shadow

15.) When you are happy with your tag, add the artist copyright and your license

16.) Type your name / again I used different colors on each letter

17.) Convert to raster layer / Effects / Eye candy / Gradient Glow

18.) Add a drop shadow



1.) On your name / Effects / Eye Candy / Jiggle

2.) Adjust / Sharpness / sharpen

3.) Edit / Copy merged and paste as new animation to AS

4.) Back to your PSP / undo last steps / Eye Candy / Jiggle / click in "Random Seed"

5.) Adjust / Sharpness / sharpen

6.) Edit / Copy merged and paste after current frame

7.) Repeat step 4-6 till you have 7 frames

8.) Select all / duplicate / select again first 7 frames and duplicate ( you should have 21 frames now)

9.) Open MexicoAnimation / edit / select all / copy

10.) Highlight your tag / select all / and paste into selected frame

11.) View animation and save as ....gif 😉


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