Artwork ©Misticheskaya

In order to use her art you must purchase a license and her tubes at PicsForDesign.com

This is a CT tutorial for

The tube I used is an "Exclusive" Tube, more information you will find here:


Supplies: here 

Font used: Blazed

 Filters: Eye Candy / Gradient Glow
DSB Flux / Linear Transmission

The example was made with PSP X and Jasc Animation Shop

I am not going to explane how to copy and paste, be creative or look at my tag for placement 😉

After you placed everything on the tag, type your name with the "Blazed" font (size 48) , foreground none and background to the pattern I provided. 

Move the text where you want and convert to raster layer.

Eye Candy / Gradient Glow / black

Add a drop shadow

Duplicate your right checkerboard / on the bottom checkerboard / Blur / Motion Blur 

DSB Flux / Lineal Transmission

Set this layer to overlay

If you add drop shadow on the checkerboards, then do it on a seperate layer

Add the artist copyright and your license



1.) Highlight your right checkerboard/ Image / negative Image

2.) Edit / Copy merged / paste as new animation to Animation Shop (AS)

3.) Back to PSP / undo your last step / highlight left checkerboard

4.) Edit / Copy merged / Paste after current frame in AS

5.) Set frame properties to 25

6.) If you want to add the small red animation, then you need  to duplicate your first 2 frames till you have 8 layers

7.) Open that red animation / Edit / select all / edit / Copy 

8.) Highlight your tag / Edit / select all / paste into selected frame

9.) Vie animation and save as ....gif 😉


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