Artwork ©Ellie Milk

In order to use her art you must purchase a license and her tubes at

This is a CT tutorial for

The tube I used is an "Exclusive" Tube, more information you will find here:


I used "Thanksgiving", kit from Hania


My Supplies: HERE

Filters: Eye Candy / Drop Shadow
Carolaine and Sensibility / CS-Reflection
Topaz Labs / Topaz Clean 3

The example was made with PSP X 


I am not going to explane how to copy and paste, be creative or look at my tag for placement 😉

1.) Open a new raster layer 900x900 and fill with white

2.) Copy and paste Paper09.png as new raster layer and apply Becky_mask

3.) For the frame on the right side I used 138.png and stretched it /sharpen

4.) Add your elements to your tag / drop shadow

5.) For the text on the left side I used :

Turkey, Turkey,
full and fat.
November's near.
You'll soon go splat!
They'll roast you up
and slice you thin.
Oh, what a mess
you're surely in.

6.) Once you are happy with your tag, add the arist copyright and your license.



1.) Highlight the background of your frame

2.) Effects / Carolaine and Sensibility / CS-Reflection

3.) Edit / Copy merged and paste as new animation to Animation Shop (AS)

4.) Back to PSP / undo last step / Effects / Carolaine and Sensibility / CS-Reflection / change Control 2 to 115 

5.) Edit / Copy merged and paste after current frame in AS

6.) Repeat step 4.) and 5.) and each time you add 10 points to Control 2 (125,135,145 etc)

7.) Do this till you have 10 frames in AS

8.) Edit / select all / copy and paste as new animation / reverse frames / edit / select all / copy

9.) Back to your original frames and highlight last frame / paste after current frame

10.) Select all / set frame properties to 20

11.) View animation and save as.....gif 😉


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